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Thank you for your support the Innovation Week 2023 has concluded.

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An Innovation Festival Delivered by the Melbourne Connect Community

Melbourne Connect Innovation Week returns for its third consecutive year, uniting The University of Melbourne’s expertise with industry and government in Australia’s leading innovation precinct. Running from 4 to 8 September, this five-day festival aims to unveil new and ground-breaking solutions to some of society’s most significant challenges. From artificial intelligence and biomedical breakthroughs to engaging panels and world-leading orations, Melbourne Connect Innovation Week showcases the latest discoveries in Australia's innovation sector.

Connect with a community of researchers, industry experts, startups, students, and creatives, and discover more than 30 events.

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Unlocking Mind Power: From Brain Sensor to Real-Life Applications

Imagine being able to control external devices with just your thoughts, without moving a muscle. That is exactly what the Stentrode can do. It is a revolutionary brain sensor implanted in the brain through a blood vessel, recording brain activity to control the body effortlessly. By sending this information to a computer, this life-changing device allows people who are paralysed to perform tasks online, like sending emails and shopping, just by using their minds.

The Stentrode was meticulously developed over 12 years by Professor Nick Opie, a biomedical engineer, and world expert in neural interfaces, and his team at The University of Melbourne.

Join Prof. Opie as he shares the incredible journey of how the concept of the Stentrode was translated into clinical trials and its immense potential to change lives.

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Pearcey Oration 2023

The "Pearcey Oration", recognised as Australia's foremost technology oration, features a renowned expert discussing critical technology issues in our society. This year's oration will be delivered by Professor Michelle Simmons, CEO and Founder of Silicon Quantum Computing and Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

Professor Simmons is an internationally acclaimed traliblazer in atomic electronics and quantum computing. Her team's groundbreaking work in developing a quantum computer in silicon has positioned Australia as a global leader in innovation.

The year marks the 25th anniversary of the "Pearcey Oration", and it will also include the presentation of the "Victorian Pearcey Entrepreneur Award".

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Five Questions On

Discover an action-packed week with trivia-style discussions, expert insights, and trend-spotting adventures. The curated lineup of talk sessions promises to captivate and engage you, ensuring an enriching and stimulating experience throughout the week.

Indulge in knowledge expansion, creative sparks, and meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Whether you seek personal growth, professional development, or a dose of inspiration, we have you covered.

Day One – Five Questions on Business

Strengthen your business acumen and be part of an extraordinary extravaganza, where seasoned business professionals impart their invaluable wisdom and share expert tips.

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