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Froebel Carlton

Froebel Carlton Early Learning Centre has been selected by The University of Melbourne to provide holistic early childhood education and care for families at Melbourne Connect. The architecturally-designed centre offers breathtaking environments for children between 6 months and 5 years of age to play, learn and grow, including an integrated funded Kindergarten program. Spanning over three levels, the centre includes a generous rooftop playground with views across Melbourne Connect and beyond. As a long daycare service, we are operating daily from 7:30am to 6pm, 51 weeks per year (closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year’s Day). Eligible employees of Melbourne Connect precinct tenants as well as employees and students of The University of Melbourne are given priority of access at Froebel Carlton, with excess capacity being made available to all families of the wider community.

What is innovative about Froebel Carlton

Froebel wants every child to become a caring and contributing global citizen. They believe this begins with an empowered childhood, which at Froebel is guided by three philosophy elements: Immersive language learning (Spanish as second community language at Froebel Carlton), inquiry-based learning, and education for sustainable development.

Are there any Spanish lessons at Froebel Carlton?

No, there are not! They are innovating language learning in the early childhood education field. Research shows that children learn best through play, interactions, art and cultural experiences, and communication with others. Their Spanish-speaking educators and the whole team provide a quality bilingual environment every day, the whole day. You will hear them any time of the day singing, reading stories, playing, and going through routines in Spanish (and English of course!).

What does inquiry-based learning look like at Froebel Carlton?

Children are innovators and scientists! Their curiosity, sense of wonder, and ideas drive everything Froebel does. Children and educators work cooperatively in everyday STEM learning. Froebel provides time and space for children to explore their ideas, hypothesise, develop resilience, share ideas with others, and find delight in their own success. Froebel is guided by the Little Scientists approach and the inquiry cycle. This is the base for the scientific method which is just like the process grown-up scientists use. Asking questions, collecting ideas and hypotheses, experimenting, observing and describing, documenting results, and discussing results. What is the best part of it? Their inquiry-based learning happens across all age groups! From the youngest 6-month-old babies to school-ready Kindergarten children.

Why is education for sustainable development innovative at Froebel Carlton?

Froebel goes beyond environmental sustainability! They are guided by the United Nations Sustainability Goals. The Froebel team are committed to providing rich learning experiences and a curriculum that support the development of our children as contributing global citizens. In the curriculum, sustainable development includes gender equality, human rights, a culture of peace and non-violence, appreciation of cultural diversity, and culture’s contribution to sustainable development. Daily practices include culturally and gender-safe environments, nature appreciation, regular excursions to engage with the community, and art, literacy, and STEM experiences that support sustainable practices.

Would you like to learn more about our centre and enrolment options for your child?

Please contact Froebel directly: carlton@froebel.com.au.

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