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FEIT Hero New

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Making a real difference, delivering innovative solutions to major societal challenges.

The Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology (FEIT) and in particular the School of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and the School of Electrical, Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering have a strong presence at Melbourne Connect alongside complementary and interdisciplinary groups from across the University.

Initiatives in action

Here’s an insight into some of the ground-breaking projects being driven by these teams.

Med Tech: Robots with a human touch

In collaboration with industry partners, researchers at the University of Melbourne are developing a prosthetic arm with greater dexterity and touch. Not only can our brain send signals to the robotic limb, in the future they will be able to send those messages back to the brain, giving people who have lost a limb the ability to ‘feel’ sensations such as strength and pressure. Read more.

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