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What is it
Join Prof. Virginia Dignum in a discussion on how the responsible use of AI can be achieved and how current ethical approaches can benefit from the social perspective embedded in feminist and non-Western philosophies.
09/03/2023 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Melbourne Connect, Room 7212, Manhari Room (Level 7)

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Responsible Artificial Intelligence with Virginia Dignum

This event is hosted by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics (CAIDE).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge potential to bring accuracy, efficiency, cost savings and speed to a whole range of human activities and to provide entirely new insights into behaviour and cognition. However, the way AI is developed and deployed for a great part determines how AI will impact our lives and societies. For instance, automated classification systems can deliver prejudiced results and therefore raise questions about privacy and bias; and the autonomy of intelligent systems, such as self-driving vehicles which raises concerns about safety and responsibility.

AI’s impact concerns not only the research and development directions for AI, but also how these systems are introduced into society and used in everyday situations.

There is a large debate concerning how the use of AI will influence labour, wellbeing, social interactions, health care, income distribution and other social areas. Dealing with these issues requires that ethical, legal, societal and economic implications are taken into account.

In this presentation, Professor Virginia Dignum will discuss how a responsible approach to the development and use of AI can be achieved and how current approaches to ensure the ethical alignment of decisions made or supported by AI systems, can benefit from the social perspective embedded in feminist and non-Western philosophies, in particular the Ubuntu philosophy.

Please note: this event is being held in-person only, light refreshments will be served after the talk.


  • Professor Virginia Dignum
    Virginia Dignum is a professor in social and ethical AI and Wallenberg Chair on Responsible Artificial Intelligence. She is the Scientific Director of WASP-HS (Humanities and Society).

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