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What is it
In this talk, join Adam Bumpus as he covers his climate journey from ecology and human evolution to company building across three continents, all in search for climate solutions within a critical timeframe.
29/03/2023 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Melbourne Connect, Room 5206, Level 5

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MCF Academy Seminar Series: Climate, Crypto, and the Challenge of Coherence for a Safe Climate Future - Dr Adam Bumpus

In this talk, Adam will cover what it means to be on a climate journey from ecology and human evolution to a sales boiler room in London, to political ecology, research and teaching, consulting, and then company building across three continents; all to try and find coherence and traction for climate solutions within a critical timeframe.

The talk then focuses on three key pillars of action research: market mechanisms, technology for improved carbon governance, and web3 as a catalyst for change through improved participation and equity. Finally, Adam wraps up where he thinks the climate movement is heading and why climate justice, action education and platforms to leverage human capability will be the core of a brighter future.


Adam Bumpus has spent two decades leading teams in climate change strategy, strategic communications, and corporate development. He holds a DPhil from Oxford University in Geography and the Environment specialising in carbon markets and international development and has led climate change programmes and start-up teams working on climate mitigation, web3 technology systems, and carbon management technologies. Much of his consulting work has also covered strategic communications on climate change and carbon management, including time as a Scientist in Residence at the ABC, and as a carbon communications consultant to the UNFCCC, UNDP, UNESCO, the World Bank, the ABC, and the Global Green Growth Institute. He loves to surf (badly), ride horses (when he can), and teach his toddler how to play the drums on pots pans or even a kit.

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