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What is it
EdFest Expo 2023 is a free, one-day event celebrating the edtech sector. This event is a collaborative cross-faculty and department initiative designed to showcase innovative products and solutions led by edtech entrepreneurs and teams from across The University of Melbourne.
31/05/2023 10:00am - 6:00pm

Melbourne Connect, The Forum (Level M)

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EdFest Expo 2023

Technological developments are influencing all aspects of our lives, including education. The growing educational technology industry is exploring new ways to support education providers, engage students and enhance their learning experiences.

EdFest Expo 2023 is a free, one-day event celebrating the edtech sector. Hosted at Melbourne Connect on Wednesday 31 May 2023, this event is a collaborative cross-faculty and department initiative designed to showcase innovative products and solutions led by edtech entrepreneurs and teams from across the University, including the Melbourne InnovatEd incubation program.

From AR-assisted scheduling tools and VR-based learning to new digital applications and immersive classroom experiences, this interactive expo event will feature the latest innovations in edtech.

Featured Presenters

Deckle - With students struggling with procrastination and lacking a community around the things they learn outside of the classroom, Deckle is an app that helps manage your time, keep you accountable, and build a community around the things you do every day through sharing tasks. Find out more.

Otaro by AIBuild -
Otaro is an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly platform that leverages AI, AR, and VR to deliver a high-tech, flexible, and engaging learning experience. The interactive and immersive e-platform helps students grasp new concepts faster by increasing their engagement during lectures and tutorials. Find out more.

Next Level Collaboration -
A research-based social capacity building program for neurodiverse children and young adults that uses cooperative video games. Next Level Collaboration’s programs are facilitated by people with lived experiences of neurodiversity. Find out more.

- AptoNow is transforming university scheduling. With automated technology and machine learning, the company is building next generation timetabling software to improve student and staff satisfaction and to save significant time and effort. Find out more.

Regional Education Support Network (RESN) -
RESN delivers high-quality academic support to regional and rural students, through innovative online methods. It is a not-for-profit student network that offers free educational support, such as tutoring, mentoring, and access to study resources, empowering students to take control of their futures. They envision an Australia in which neither cost nor distance are barriers to quality education. Find out more.

- Bio-Dash is a teacher facilitated online wellbeing and optimal performance program for secondary school students. Their vision is to empower individuals through education and personal feedback using the latest scientific advances and tools.
The program equips individuals, groups, schools and organisations with strategies to reduce anxiety, and enhance focus and wellbeing. Find out more.

Illume Foundation -
Illume Foundation is a social enterprise providing innovative employment pathways to students and graduates through startup internships and programs. They help graduates accelerate their transition into their dream careers while also enabling start-ups to find great talent. Find out more.

3D Whiteboard
- An all-in-one solution to manage, annotate and engage with 3D content. Teaching 3D content in classrooms is difficult and is currently limited to 2D. The team has developed a 3D whiteboard using VR and AR that allows a teacher to precisely annotate 3D objects and enables real-time teacher-student interaction with minimal training. Find out more.

Melbourne Assessment -
Melbourne Assessment delivers next-generation products and services to schools and systems, empowering them to assess and credential the complex competencies learners need to thrive now and in the future.

Leaflet Health -
Leaflet is a digital platform that improves patient health literacy by providing tailored and personalised medical information to patients of a diverse cultural background. It provides both clinician-facing and patient-facing solutions to facilitate this empowerment.

- IntelliJourney is a research-informed platform that provides customised analytic and reporting services to educational institutions that want to expand analytics for their LMS platform with evidence-based statistical data gathered within the LMS and presented in the form of viewable, shareable, and printable charts and graphs.

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