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What is it
Uncover the rapid adoption of computing throughout The University of Melbourne and its significant contributions in fostering the discipline of computing in this engaging discussion with key experts.
04/09/2023 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Melbourne Connect - The Launchpad & The Lab
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Early Computing at Melbourne: The Roots of Digital Innovation

In the pre-social media and colour television era, communication relied on posted letters, and information was found in directories and encyclopedias. In 1955, Australia witnessed a remarkable technological advancement with the arrival of the first digital computer in Melbourne — CSIRAC, which had travelled from CSIRO in Sydney. CSIRAC holds the distinction of being the world's oldest surviving first-generation electronic computer and is renowned as the first computer to produce digital music.

Situated at the heart of Australia's inaugural academic computing facility, CSIRAC played a vital role in introducing pioneers to the world of computing. Join us in a discussion led by Dr Peter Thorne, former Head of the Department of Computer Science, Justin Zobel, Graduate Researcher and Richard Gillespie, Curator from The University of Melbourne as they uncover the rapid adoption of computing throughout the University and its significant contributions in fostering the discipline of computing.

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