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What is it
Presented by the Faculty of Engineering and IT, join this panel event to explore emerging solutions, data and tools used to decarbonise our buildings, precincts and cities, and make data driven decisions.
05/07/2023 12:30pm - 1:30pm


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Decarbonising our Cities

The built environment accounts for 39% of gross annual carbon emissions worldwide. Within this figure, embodied emissions — which includes all the emissions created in producing construction materials — is a significant offender.

As we look for options to decarbonise our buildings, precincts and cities, what are solutions are emerging and what data and tools do we need so we can make data driven decisions?

Join us for a panel event to discuss:

  • How do you optimise design for embodied energy vs cost?
  • How might different carbon accounting schemes effect the bottom line?
  • What data and tools do we need to assess retrofit vs rebuild in terms of embodied energy, embodied carbon, carbon offset cost and material costs?
  • How are industry considering local social and other environmental factors via Natural Capital Accounting and System of Environmental-Economic Accounting?
  • How can prefab and modular processes and novel materials (i.e. low carbon concrete) have an impact on decarbonisation?
  • What role might these technologies play in retrofit?

This panel is proudly presented by the Infrastructure platform, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.


Lucy Marsland
Environmental Designer, Atelier Ten

Johanna Trickett
Associate, Education – Australasia Leader, ARUP

Ian Dixon, GHD
National Lead – Building and Property Sustainability, GHD

Behzad Rismanchi
Senior Lecturer, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne

James Helal
Lecturer in Sustainable Structural Design / Assistant Dean (Sustainability)
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning / Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

Mark Allan (Chair)
Director Greenline, City of Melbourne

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