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The Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change (MCBC) is thrilled to host its next conference - Behaviour Change: Achieving Impact Using Behavioural Science.
26/02/2024, 1:30pm - 29/02/2024, 6:00pm

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Behaviour Change: Achieving Impact Using Behavioural Science

The Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change (MCBC) is thrilled to host its next conference - Behaviour Change: Achieving Impact Using Behavioural Science. The 2024 conference will run 26-29 February 2024, and will showcase keynote talks, masterclasses, and workshops delivered by national and international experts. The conference agenda has been thoughtfully designed to give attendees the latest insights from the behaviour change field and actionable approaches to guide effective behaviour change interventions.

The MCBC conference will feature Sophie Scott (OAM) as keynote speaker. Sophie Scott (OAM) is an award-winning medical journalist, broadcaster, and author. After a long career at the ABC, Sophie embarked on a career change and is now an educator with expertise in mental health. Sophie will be delivering a keynote at our public lecture on Monday 26 February titled Defying Burnout & Thriving Through Change and a workshop Scientifically Speaking - Communicating with impact on Tuesday 27 February.

We will also be co-hosting a conference on Thursday 29 February 2024 with our colleagues from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk (IPUR) at the National University of Singapore. Titled The Risk Quotient, this conference will explore how everyday risks are entwined with broader implicating risks such as natural hazards and health. Specifically, the dialogue will revolve around how the intersection of risks can be approached through behavioural science, resilience-building, decision making, and risk communication to address different societal issues.

The conference will feature keynote speaker Professor Kathryn Bowen, Professor of Environment, Climate, and Global Health at The University of Melbourne and Deputy Director of Melbourne Climate Futures.

We warmly invite researchers, practitioners, strategists, policymakers, and advocates to participate in four days of insightful and thought-provoking discussions on leveraging behavioural science to drive meaningful impact.

To see the MCBC conference program, please click here.

To see a tentative conference program for the Risk Quotient, please click here.

A discount is offered to delegates who register for both conferences. Additionally, we have secured special rates for local accommodation. For further details, please click here.

An early bird discounted price has been applied for entire conference tickets. Please note, this will only be available until 31 December 2023.

  • Entire MCBC Conference + IPUR Conference (Public lecture free) = $600 (regular price: $680)
  • Entire MCBC Conference (Public lecture free) = $430 (regular price: $480)
  • IPUR The Risk Quotient Conference= $190 (regular price: $220)

The public lecture by Sophie Scott will be a free event for those registered for the entire conference. The registration cost for only attending the public lecture is $30. Please register here, if you are only attending the public lecture. The public lecture will be held from 5.30pm - 7.30pm on Monday 26 February.

Consistent with the values of the MCBC, registration is unavailable to those who have received support from or provided support to the following harmful industries: tobacco and vaping, alcohol, junk food, sugary drink, gambling, and fossil fuel. This support may be direct or indirect, financial or non-financial. Thank you for your understanding.

About MCBC

Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change is a major initiative led by University of Melbourne researchers and clinicians who are recognised internationally for their contributions to understanding human behaviour. MCBC harnesses research to inform sustainable behaviours, policies, and practices that will enhance lives, livelihoods, and environments. Its work focuses specifically on human health and wellbeing, as well as social and environmental sustainability.

About IPUR

The Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk (IPUR) is the premier institute focusing on public risk perception and communication in Asia, a region which faces acute and growing risks relating to public health, the environment, climate change and emerging technologies. We investigate what people are worried about, where the gaps are between the public’s understanding of these issues and the experts’ risk assessment, and what interventions can help to bridge these gaps.