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What is it
Join expert panellist, Prof. Christian S. Jensen from Aalborg University as he explores how we can leverage trajectory data for the improvement of transportation.
24/01/2024 11:00am - 1:00pm

Melbourne Connect, Forum 1 (Level M)

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A.I. at Melbourne Colloquium Series: Using Big Vehicle Trajectory Data to Improve Transportation

Considering primarily vehicle trajectory data, this talk puts focus on the important process of transportation: While we all depend on it for mobility, transportation has adverse effects on our productivity due to lack of predictability and congestion, on the climate due to greenhouse gas emissions, and our health and safety due to air and noise pollution and accidents. In sum, it makes sense to invent techniques capable of leveraging trajectory data for the improvement of transportation.

This talk will describe how the availability of massive trajectory data renders the traditional routing paradigm, where a road network is modeled as an edge-weighted graph, inadequate. Instead, new paradigms that thrive on massive trajectory data are called for. The talk will cover several such paradigms. As even massive volumes of trajectory data are sparse in these settings, the talk will also cover means of making good use of available data.

This event is part of the AI at Melbourne Colloquium Series, a program of talks on the future of Artificial Intelligence at The University of Melbourne.

Stay and enjoy complimentary lunch and networking following the event.

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