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The Forum

The Forum is a highly versatile space located alongside the entrance to the Superfloor that can host 400 (lecture), 200 (dining), or even be split into three smaller rooms with 100-person capacity for events such as seminars, presentations and workshops.

Facilities in The Forum are state-of-the-art and rival those of a high-end purpose-built conference venue. The Forum has views into the Science Gallery Melbourne’s atrium gallery, providing guests with access to beautiful displays of art and cultural installations.

The Forum Split Column

How to Get There

The Forum is accessible via the Superfloor of Melbourne Connect.

Enter the foyer through the revolving glass doors from the covered walkway at 700 Swanston Street and proceed to the Superfloor via the stairs or by using the lifts on the right side of the foyer (press M on the lift call button).

Upon exiting the lifts or arriving at the top of the stairs, proceed to the Forum doors located to the right of the top of the stairs.

Please go to the concierge if any further directions are required.

Forum 5