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Innovation Spotlight: MAXONIQ

Melbourne Connect co-located partner, MAXONIQ, specialises in the creation of medical devices for oral and maxillofacial applications. With historical ties to The University of Melbourne, MAXONIQ saw Melbourne Connect as the perfect place to be situated amongst like-minded innovators across the biomedical and engineering sectors.

We caught up with Stuart Douglas, Managing Director of MAXONIQ, to find out more about the team behind their world-leading innovations and why MAXONIQ products are changing the lives of their patients.

1. Could you please tell us about the team at MAXONIQ and their areas of expertise?

MAXONIQ employs a small team of seven people including six full-time employees on-site at Melbourne Connect and a Clinical Sales Specialist in Queensland.

As primarily a design business for medical devices, the team is predominantly engineers (biomedical or mechanical) serving product research, development, and product design roles. In addition, we have a full-time quality and regulatory specialist and a part-time Clinical Director, and a practicing Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Melbourne Connect.

MAXONIQ has been an active supporter of undergraduate and post-graduate workplace placement, hosting between six and eight students per year from The University of Melbourne. Recently, MAXONIQ employed a University of Melbourne PhD graduate who was also a student with the O-Lab program.

2. What is the mission of MAXONIQ as a company and how does being at Melbourne Connect help achieve this mission?

MAXONIQ is an Australian-owned company with a goal to become a world leader in developing patented products that will become game-changers in oral and maxillofacial surgery. We have established a sustainable business domestically and are focused on expanding the business internationally as a key strategic pillar.

MAXONIQ has historic ties to The University of Melbourne Department of Biomedical Engineering, and being a co-tenant at Melbourne Connect has further strengthened this connection. We are ideally located close to experts from both the University engineering and dental schools and these are now part of our everyday workplace ecosystem. In addition, the prestige of The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Connect has a positive halo effect on the MAXONIQ brand.

3. How is MAXONIQ’s technology changing the way maxillofacial surgeries are undertaken and changing the outcomes for patients of these surgeries?

MAXONIQ products have leveraged digital design and advanced manufacturing techniques to create and deliver bespoke solutions for individual patients. The anatomical structures of the jaw and mid-face are aptly suited to patient-specific, tailor-made products, and this ultimately leads to better functional and aesthetic outcomes for patients. In addition, treatments are more accurate, and surgery time can be significantly reduced, this likewise benefits patients.