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ARC Training Centre in Optimisation Technologies, Integrated Methodologies, and Applications (OPTIMA)

OPTIMA’s mission is to deliver industrial transformation via increased uptake of trusted and sophisticated optimisation technologies to address industry’s urgent need for decision-making tools for global competitiveness: reducing lead times and financial and environmental costs while improving efficiency, quality, and agility.

Industry is yet to fully benefit from optimisation technology due to high barriers to entry. The interdisciplinary expertise within the OPTIMA team will progress powerful new optimisation methods and demonstrate their value in application domains in industrial contexts. OPTIMA’s research and training programs will prioritise industry needs, underpinned by global best practice and cutting-edge research innovations to create industrial transformation in technological and workforce capability.

OPTIMA is all about helping industry to connect with state-of-the-art optimisation technologies to improve decision making: weighing up a huge number of combinations of decisions with conflicting objectives and complex constraints to arrive at the perfect solution.

Melbourne Connect is the ideal place to bring together challenging optimisation problems from industry with cutting-edge methods developed in academia and ensure mutual benefits from the partnership. Industry partners get support and training to make optimal decisions, while researchers are exposed to new opportunities to advance their methods and translate research into societal impact. That's the win-win that OPTIMA creates.

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